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The Lover from Sarajevo, (306 pages), is a novel about Cidro Lemieux, a twenty three year old cellist in Sarajevo who finally escapes the Bosnian War (1992-1996). Cidro then travels through Europe to Paris as a street musician. He spends time in Vienna, Berlin and takes an unexpected detour to travel and play music with the Rom into Belgium. He lived in Paris as a child yet wishes to go there because he longs to find a French woman he believes he fell in love with in Sarajevo at the onset of the war. When he does get to Paris, she is nowhere to be found yet he stays in the city, ‘busking’ in the metro tunnels for a living. Cidro makes many new acquaintances and slowly forgets about the French woman, yet 10 years later, meets her again. In context, it is a kind of Bildungsroman, the journey of a young man struggling with poverty, artistic genius and isolation caused by the storm and stress of exile and the Bosnian War.

London San Francisco, subtitled- Tale of a Caustic Romance (299 pages), is a contemporary novel about two people in a long distance relationship. Elaina, the woman, lives in San Francisco and Paul, the man, lives in London. They first meet at Heathrow airport and in time, Paul visits Elaina in California and stays for one month. During this brief visit, they fall desperately in love and he returns to England, promising to return. Alas, this return does not happen. The novel follows their separate daily existence in the two cities via their emails and skype calls while they are holding on to each other from afar. Soon, strange and troubling difficulties in the character of Paul are revealed and Elaina nearly goes mad, unwilling to stop loving him. Ironically, the drama of their separateness appears to strengthen their attachment. Paul’s jealousy and depression escalate while Elaina’s hopelessly romantic visions of hope seem to victimize her. The style is very bold yet quite whimsical, and portrays an overall examination of heartbreak.

Mr. Mist, (280 pages) is a sequel to London San Francisco in which the story of Elaina continues. The first two thirds of the novel take place in a psychiatric hospital and focus upon an orderly named Antony who is a former actor and assumes various roles according to the delusional perceptions of his patients. For Elaina, he becomes Paul, her former lover, and their dialogues are painful and fabulous. When a new patient named Aspen arrives, the story takes a turn and although not a love triangle, but a sort of triangle of ambition constructs, changing the course for the three characters. The setting is obviously grim, yet the writing style manages to weave a great, rather stark sense of humor into the narrative and the exchanges between Antony and Elaina are extremely poetic. As their exchanges grow deeper, Elaina heals. The last third of the book is removed from the hospital and concludes with a dramatic closure to the devastating relationship in London San Francisco

Navel of the Sea, (351 pages) is a collection of different love stories that take place in different countries during select time periods of history, spanning the golden age of ancient Greece to our modern era. The separate stories are connected by an ongoing narrative about the two writers of the stories, husband and wife, Claude and Marianne, who live on the Maltese island of Gozo in Italy where they receive postcards from the past that dictate the century and setting for each story. The story at the end of the novel tells how they first met and fell in love.